Man wearing wireless headphones

The Best Speakers And Devices For Music

With your SIMPLE Mobile smartphone, there are so many ways to enjoy music.

The way we listen to music is constantly evolving. First there were records and cassette tapes, then CDs and the iPod. Now, smartphones with Bluetooth technology make list...

Man holding cell phone

What Is Cell Coverage?

Here’s a brief look at what cell coverage really means.

SIMPLE Mobile is proud to offer nationwide coverage to our customers. But what does that mean and how does it benefit you as a cell phone user? If you’re not familiar with cellular jargo...

Woman frustrated with computer

How To Take Back A Text Or Email

Unsending messages – can it be done?

From sending an embarrassing text to the wrong person, to accidentally hitting “reply all” instead of “reply” in an email chain, we all know how frustrating mistakes like this can be. Sometimes, you ...

Woman using smartphone at desk with notepad

Best Budget Apps For Tracking Finances

Track and manage your spending with help from these top-rated apps.

If you want to take charge of your finances this year, your SIMPLE Mobile cell phone can help. There are hundreds of personal finance apps out there to help you set a budget – ...

Phone secured in phone mount

Simplify Your Life With These Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

Stay up-to-date with the latest cell phone accessories everyone’s using.

Phones are getting smarter, but so are the accessories. From mobile charging to hands-free listening, cell phone accessories are making it easier than ever to stay connect...