Virtual assistant speaker on a rustic wooden shelf

Redefining Your Daily Routine With Smart Home Devices

Smart home technology lets you accomplish everyday tasks faster and easier than ever before.

Over the past few years, smart home devices have taken the tech scene by storm. A variety of appliances and home essentials – from thermostats to refri...

Christmas present

Amazing Holiday Deals You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Get a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy at a price that can’t be beat this December.

Now through the end of December, SIMPLE Mobile is offering great deals on Apple and Samsung smartphones. Take advantage of the low prices while you can when you sho...

Shooting a photo in a city environment

Spice Up Your Shots With These 3 Photo Editing Apps

Up your photo game and send your likes through the roof with these must-have editing apps.

Even with today’s cutting-edge smartphone cameras, you can’t always get the perfect picture on the first try – or the second, for that matter. But he...

Friends celebrating at Christmas

Four Gifts To Thrill Your Favorite Tech Geek

Gear up for the holiday season with presents that won’t break the bank.

Quick answer: Looking for budget-conscious tech gifts? Consider RC drones, power banks, VR headsets, and new smartphones.

If you’ve ever shopped for a tech fanatic, then...

Woman uses smartphone to get directions in Seattle

Explore SIMPLE Mobile’s Coast-To-Coast Coverage

Get nationwide coverage on a lightning-fast 4G LTE network.

Quick answer: SIMPLE Mobile offers nationwide coverage, as well as international calling and texting capabilities. Plans come in several tiers that fit any budget.

At SIMPLE Mobile, we ...