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A Brief Guide To The Risks And Benefits Of Open Wi-Fi

Unsecured Wi-Fi access points are convenient, but they come with their fair share of pros and cons.

Quick answer: Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots should be used with caution, but there are several security measures available to help ensure you’re brow...

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Revealing SIMPLE Mobile’s Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

Wave goodbye to the old and welcome the SIMPLE with major deals.

The holiday season has nearly arrived, and SIMPLE Mobile is giving the best gifts of all with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. You’ll find the phones you need at steep dis...

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SIMPLE Mobile Is Going Back To Cali For ComplexCon

At 2018 ComplexCon, chaos, growth, and enlightenment collide.

Complex is bringing its pop-culture celebration back to Long Beach for the third year in a row, and SIMPLE Mobile is happy to be on board as a sponsor. Known for its diverse list of ev...

Person using a Samsung Galaxy with coffee in background

Bixby: The Samsung Galaxy Virtual Assistant

Learn about all the great perks of using Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+.

Quick answer: Samsung Galaxy’s virtual assistant, Bixby, provides you with all the shopping and travel help you want. Bixby also quickly adapts to your behavior, s...

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Streaming Media On Your Smartphone

Listen to music and watch videos with the latest smartphone technology.

From live sporting events to your favorite rock and roll album, streaming audio and video content has become simple with today’s advances in mobile technology. But what are...