Understanding SIMPLE Mobile’s 4G LTE† Coverage

Check out our coverage map to learn more about where our lightning-fast 4G LTE† connectivity is available.

With the hottest phones, no credit checks, no contracts, and the ability to keep the phone you love, it’s not hard to see why people are making the move to SIMPLE Mobile. After all, who doesn’t want more speed and more data for less? There’s just one thing to do before you switch: check our coverage map. Here’s everything you need to know about understanding SIMPLE Mobile coverage and available speeds.

Using the coverage map

Our coverage map shows where you can expect a strong, reliable signal.

When you visit us online, you’ll find an easy-to-use coverage map that will let you know where you can expect a strong, reliable signal. At first glance, it’s easy to see that’s just about everywhere: areas with coverage are represented in green, while those without are white. Take a look – there’s not much white on that map!

For a more detailed look at coverage in your area, enter your address in the text box below the map. By narrowing down your location, you’ll get a better idea of how our phones and service plans will work and where you’ll use them most – at home, at work, and all your favorite local hangouts.

You may also see Partner Roaming Coverage. Voice and text roaming coverage inside the U.S. is included for these areas with select SIMPLE Mobile service plans. If you’ll be visiting these areas, check your plan details to make sure you’re covered, and keep in mind that data is unavailable and service quality may vary outside our networks.

Understanding speeds

Now you know where you’re covered – and you’re probably relieved to find it’s almost everywhere! You’ll also want to understand what kind of speed you can expect from the different wireless standards called out above. The “G” in each of these refers to generation, the ongoing updates and improvements in mobile technology. But how fast is 4G LTE†, and what can you do on a 3G connection? Here’s a breakdown.

4G LTE† is currently the fastest wireless standard available. When connected to a 4G LTE† network, your phone can deliver lightning-fast speeds for browsing social media, streaming music and videos, and everything else you love to do online.

Not quite as speedy as 4G LTE†, 4G speeds are still up to 10 times faster than 3G. In fact, you might not notice a difference between 4G and 4G LTE† speeds for more basic applications, like texting and sending email. In contrast, 3G speeds aren’t optimal for more data-intensive tasks, but deliver a reliable connection that ensures you won’t miss out on the essentials.

Great coverage, great speed

Still have questions about SIMPLE Mobile coverage? You can always text∆ COVERAGE to 611611 for more information in a flash. Otherwise, get the full scoop on SIMPLE Mobile and make the switch today. Our lightning-fast 4G LTE† connectivity keeps you in touch with everything from friends and family to the latest episodes of your favorite shows. Choose one of our no-contract 30-day service plans and say goodbye to the old, in with the SIMPLE.

†See Terms and Conditions of Service at SimpleMobile.com. ∆Message and data rates may apply. Visit Simplemobile.com/privacypolicy for Privacy Policy and Simplemobile.com/termsandconditions for Terms & Conditions.