Tech Update: A New Era Of Smartphone Gaming Is Here

Man gaming on smartphone
Smartphone gaming has come a long way – and so have the phones that support it.

Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just enjoy a few casual games in your downtime, odds are good that there's at least one or two gaming apps on your smartphone. Thanks to continuous advances in technology, phone gaming continues to grow in popularity. Today, it's even possible to use your phone to play alongside friends on PCs or consoles. If you're ready to join the fun, SIMPLE Mobile offers an overview of the rise of smartphone gaming and covers some of the best phones for gamers.

A brief history

It's hard to imagine our phones without easy access to games that let us race, battle foes, strategize, and show off our trivia skills.

In 1994, the first ever gaming phone, Hagenuk MT-2000, came out of Denmark and offered Tetris, which is considered the first mobile phone game in history. In the years following, Nokia introduced Snake, the first two-player game for mobile phones, on the Nokia 6110.

At the turn of the century, in an attempt to sway consumers from purchasing handheld gaming consoles like Game Boy, mobile devices started to grow more sophisticated. Apple’s first iPhone was introduced in 2007, which changed the world of phone gaming with the launch of its App Store. Now it's hard to imagine our phones without easy access to games that let us race, battle foes, strategize, and show off our trivia skills.

While the rise of smartphone gaming didn’t happen overnight, it’s impressive how quickly it has become a true rival to traditional home videogame consoles. That’s because the power available in the latest smartphones allows gamers to play anywhere and even participate in multiplayer matches with users of traditional gaming systems.

The best gaming phones

In 2019, there are more smartphones made with gamers in mind than we have ever seen before, and you can find several in SIMPLE Mobile’s selection of smartphones. These include:

  • The iPhone XS Max offers Apple’s largest touchscreen yet at 6.5 inches with Super Retina OLED technology for brilliant images. A large battery capacity, fast processor, and plenty of storage provide everything needed for intense games. And with stereo-quality speakers, you'll enjoy sound that immerses you in the action.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a large display for gamers and a 4,000 mAh battery with plenty of stamina. It also comes standard with the S-Pen, a stylus useful for many games. Liquid cooling guards against overheating during even the longest and most intense gaming sessions.
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