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Man watching TV

Here’s How to Connect Your Phone to the TV

It’s easy to watch videos, play music, and more on the big screen.

In the past, your phone and TV were separate entities. If you wanted to share a viral video with a group or show off some footage of the kids' big game, everyone would have to g...

Woman using smartphone at desk with notepad

Best Budget Apps For Tracking Finances

Track and manage your spending with help from these top-rated apps.

If you want to take charge of your finances this year, your SIMPLE Mobile cell phone can help. There are hundreds of personal finance apps out there to help you set a budget – ...

Woman frustrated with computer

How To Take Back A Text Or Email

Unsending messages – can it be done?

From sending an embarrassing text to the wrong person, to accidentally hitting “reply all” instead of “reply” in an email chain, we all know how frustrating mistakes like this can be. Sometimes, you ...

Man wearing wireless headphones

The Best Speakers And Devices For Music

With your SIMPLE Mobile smartphone, there are so many ways to enjoy music.

The way we listen to music is constantly evolving. First there were records and cassette tapes, then CDs and the iPod. Now, smartphones with Bluetooth technology make list...

Person holding cloud cutout against sky

Cell Phone Memory Getting Full? Here’s How To Free Up Space

Using Cloud storage, you can export data, such as contacts and apps, to free up your phone’s internal memory.

Too many selfies taking up precious space on your phone? How about work files, homework, or videos? If your memory isn’t full yet, a...

Women taking selfie in front of coliseum

Travel On A Budget With These 4 Discount Travel Apps

Ready for a getaway? These apps can help you kick back in paradise without breaking the bank.

There’s plenty to love about the holiday season, but chilly weather and weekends packed full of hectic family get-togethers can take their toll. Searc...

Virtual assistant speaker on a rustic wooden shelf

Redefining Your Daily Routine With Smart Home Devices

Smart home technology lets you accomplish everyday tasks faster and easier than ever before.

Over the past few years, smart home devices have taken the tech scene by storm. A variety of appliances and home essentials – from thermostats to refri...