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Shooting a photo in a city environment

Spice Up Your Shots With These 3 Photo Editing Apps

Up your photo game and send your likes through the roof with these must-have editing apps.

Even with today’s cutting-edge smartphone cameras, you can’t always get the perfect picture on the first try – or the second, for that matter. But he...

Friends celebrating at Christmas

Four Gifts To Thrill Your Favorite Tech Geek

Gear up for the holiday season with presents that won’t break the bank.

Quick answer: Looking for budget-conscious tech gifts? Consider RC drones, power banks, VR headsets, and new smartphones.

If you’ve ever shopped for a tech fanatic, then...

Young man blogs and talks on his phone at a sidewalk café

A Brief Guide To The Risks And Benefits Of Open Wi-Fi

Unsecured Wi-Fi access points are convenient, but they come with their fair share of pros and cons.

Quick answer: Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots should be used with caution, but there are several security measures available to help ensure you’re brow...

Crowd of people gathered by stage

SIMPLE Mobile Is Going Back To Cali For ComplexCon

At 2018 ComplexCon, chaos, growth, and enlightenment collide.

Complex is bringing its pop-culture celebration back to Long Beach for the third year in a row, and SIMPLE Mobile is happy to be on board as a sponsor. Known for its diverse list of ev...

Woman walking down street while listening to music on smartphone

Streaming Media On Your Smartphone

Listen to music and watch videos with the latest smartphone technology.

From live sporting events to your favorite rock and roll album, streaming audio and video content has become simple with today’s advances in mobile technology. But what are...

Woman dancing, listening to music on phone

What's That Song? Find Out Using Your Smartphone

Learn how your smartphone can assist you in identifying new music.

You’ve probably been in a situation where you’ve heard a song on the radio, but don’t know who sings it. Fortunately, that smartphone in your pocket can tell you all of that...

A man and woman take a selfie in their home

Take The Perfect Selfie With These Simple Tips

Composition, natural lighting, and background details can make or break your photo.

The selfie – a self-shot photo of yourself – has surged in popularity thanks to the presence of ever-improving mobile camera technologies. But all the technol...