Up Your Wallpaper Game With These Tips

Two women looking at a phone waiting for the subway
Take advantage of your phone’s large HD screen to showcase wallpapers that speak to you.

As phones get bigger and better, the home screen and lock screen wallpapers are quickly becoming one of your device’s most prominent features. In the past, wallpapers and backgrounds didn’t hold that much weight. But now, why not take advantage of the big, beautiful HD screens? After all, the wallpaper is the very first thing to greet you and almost acts like a window into your personality. Maybe it’s not that deep, but still. So, SIMPLE Mobile has rounded up some tips to help you find the perfect wallpaper for your new smartphone.

Get creative with the notch

Depending on the phone you have, there may be a notch, or a “hole-punch”, at the top of the screen that cuts off your wallpaper. The Samsung Galaxy S10, for example, has a stunning Infinity-O Full HD+ display, but there’s a camera hole in the top right corner. The iPhone X has a similar notch, but it’s located in the top center of the screen.

Some people like to choose their phone’s wallpapers based on how they’ll look with this notch. Because the camera holes are black, you might choose wallpapers that also have black in that exact same spot. Maybe the notch lines up with a dark and stormy skyline or the eye of your favorite cartoon character. You can really get creative with it.

In fact, there are even apps that specialize in these hole-punch phone wallpapers. If you’re interested, be sure to check some of them out, like Hidey Hole, which offers a selection of wallpapers for Galaxy S10 series devices.

Choose your favorite HD photos

Some people like bold, busy graphics, while others prefer simpler ones.

The high-quality cameras on smartphones are perfect for snapping beautiful background images. Just select one that speaks to you. Some people like bold, busy graphics, while others prefer simpler ones. Just make sure it’s a high-quality image to do your HD screen justice. The wallpaper shouldn’t look stretched or grainy.

If your phone supports live wallpapers, that’s another great option. The dynamic movement can really take your home screen to new levels and grab your attention every time you reach for your phone.

Here are some apps worth checking out to find high-quality backgrounds:

Customize your phone to you

With help from these tips, you can make your wallpaper game strong. SIMPLE Mobile offers all the hottest phones from your favorite brands, including Apple and Samsung, to bring you a powerful mobile experience. Choose a 30-day service plan with no contracts, credit checks, or mystery fees to get started today.