Using Smartphone Projectors

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Have You Tried Cell Phone Projectors Yet?

With a mini cell phone projector, you can put your favorite videos and photos on a bigger screen.

Not many people know about cell phone projectors, but we think these awesome little inventions are definitely worth checking out. They’re like the projectors you see in movie theaters and classrooms, but for your SIMPLE Mobile smartphone. In case you can’t cast to a TV, a portable projector is the next best way to share your favorite photos and videos.

About portable projectors

When you first think about projectors, you’re probably picturing the ones attached to ceilings. But there’s actually a whole subsection of lightweight, portable projectors that you can take with you on the go. Some are even small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They’re great for displaying projects at work and school, or for just enjoying videos and photos at home. And a lot of them are compatible with mobile devices. To find one, just visit your local tech store or shop online.

How cell phone projectors work

Every projector is different, but you can usually connect either wirelessly via Bluetooth or with some type of HDMI adapter. Once you’re connected, the projector will mirror your phone screen onto the wall or another flat surface of your choice. Movie night, anyone?

Depending on the one you select, you’ll get to enjoy, rich, high-quality visuals that showcase your images and videos in perfect detail. Because they’re portable, most of them don’t need to be plugged in to an outlet to work. That means you can even project your photos outside with ease. In addition, a lot of them come with built-in speakers, so you don’t have to worry about external hookups.

Want to check out a smartphone projector for yourself? Some brands that make mini projectors for phones include LG, Sony, Miroir, and many more.

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