What's That Song? Find Out Using Your Smartphone

Learn how your smartphone can assist you in identifying new music.

You’ve probably been in a situation where you’ve heard a song on the radio, but don’t know who sings it. Fortunately, that smartphone in your pocket can tell you all of that information ­– and more. Discover the name of the song you’re listening to, the artist, lyrics, and other relevant information with these tips.

Quick answer: If you want to know the name of a song you’ve just heard, apps like Shazam and Musixmatch can help you easily identify unknown tunes. Smartphone virtual assistants can also recognize lyrics and give you more information about songs.

Woman dancing, listening to music on phone

Download Shazam

With Shazam, you can identify music, learn song lyrics, view YouTube videos, and more.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Shazam has emerged as such a popular app that it even has a game show dedicated to it on FOX called “Beat Shazam.” This app allows you to identify music, get song lyrics, view YouTube videos, add songs to Apple Music or Spotify playlists, and much more. All you have to do is hold your smartphone up to a speaker and press the Shazam button. It’ll listen to the music and bring up details from the song in a matter of seconds.

Use your phone’s virtual assistant

Hello Google, what song is this? Many virtual assistants, including Apple’s Siri, Android’s Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana, can identify songs. All you have to do is ask. While your virtual friend probably won’t give you as much information as Shazam, you should be able to retrieve pertinent details, like the name of the song and the artist, in a flash.

Check out Musixmatch

You heard a song earlier in the week – but the time has since passed to use Shazam or your smartphone’s virtual assistant. If you picked up on a few key lyrics, you may still be able to find out what that song was. Enter Musixmatch. Like a search engine for music, this app allows you to enter the lyrics you remember and helps you locate the song information ­– even if your memory isn’t spot on.

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